Site Dev Blog #1

First look at our new

Welcome to the new website! This site is made possible with Github Pages. Github Pages is a static web hosting service that lets you host your website from a Github repository. Yes, this website's source code can be found on its Github repository. Our previous website wasn't particularly good. I essentially made it in a week for a school assignment and then completely forgot about it. It was pure, non-optimized and terrible HTML.

For this project, I chose Eleventy static website generator as it supports writing blogs and I was somewhat familiar with it already. I wanted to choose one that was completely new to me, but the only other popular alternative used Ruby... so I gave up and used Eleventy instead. :)

As long as it works, right?

The site works by writing Markdown. Think BBCode but modern. You can do all sorts of cool stuff like embed videos...

Do stuff with headers

  • lists
  • wowzers

...all by writing markdown.